Sky, Not Skyscrapers for 53rd Street!

We are a group of residents who love Hyde Park—we love its livable, humane, and Sky, Not Skyscraperdistinctive character—and its racial, ethnic, and economic diversity. We are  in favor of the kind of development the community needs and wants.  We are not opposed to development and new real-estate construction, but we are opposed to the Vue53 development on the McMobil site because it is grossly out of scale with its surroundings. We believe we have the legal grounds to sue to invalidate the recent change in zoning as “arbitrary and capricious,” and we believe that only legal action will bring the University of Chicago, the developer, and the alderman to the table to respond to the community’s concerns about the project.

Hyde Park is a livable residential neighborhood. With your support we can keep it that way.  Let’s make it a better neighborhood for everyone.