Get Involved

You Can Help Save 53rd Street!

The Vue53 development is not a done deal! There is still time to change the plans and build the right building in the McMobil lot. The developers, the university, and the alderman know this, but they think if they ignore the community opposition it will just go away. Let them know that you want a better plan!

I want to help, what can I do? 
  1. Donate to the legal effort! The lawsuit is our most effective means of applying pressure.
  2. Write a letter to the editor of the Hyde Park Herald.
  3. Write to Alderman Will Burns by visiting and clicking on “Share Your Ideas.” Or call him at (773) 536-8103.
  4. Contact the University’s representative, Derek Douglas, VP, Office of Civic Engagement, (773-702-3627;
  5. Display a Sky Not Skyscraper sign in your window.
  6. Tell your Friends by organizing an Informational Coffee. Contact the Organizers to get started.
  7. Distribute flyers. Contact the Organizers for more information.